Pete Smithies Media

One Stop Media Specialist

Interactive Multimedia Production

e-learning, distance or blended learning provides one of the most exciting forms of interactive multi-media experiences available today.
The benefits can be enormous both to the learning provider and the student:

Pre-course assessments
On line tests or portable media delivered question banks to pre determine student knowledge levels.

Packages can be created that are tutor led or stand alone.

Refreshment & Non–linear learning
Courseware is delivered in a non-linear format to allow students or tutors to “cherry pick” those elements that need to be covered

Utilising bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS) individual learning can be monitored and collated for debrief purposes.

Utilising virtual photographic techniques, new or heavily committed equipment can be presented to learners for identification, procedural training or orientation whenever availability is an issue.

As above, confined spaces make it impractical for large groups of students to have sufficient time in equipments or installations.

Although I would be unable to compete with industry standard simulation packages, I can produce simulation, emulation or computer based trainers – depending on the subject matter. The benefit of this is that these trainers would not be reliant on hardware or geographical installations.

The method of production that I utilise can be delivered in any or all the following modes: Internet, intranet, CD, DVD or portable storage delivery.